About Bajo Cero, is an active tourism, leisure, adventure and social sphere company that develops its activities in nature. The project would be developed in the heart of the Sierra de los Filabres, based in the municipality of Bacares. The activities will be personalized and adapted to the needs of any group in an inclusive way.

About Bajo Cero develops Active Tourism and Social Tourism, since we want nature to reach everyone. That is why we will adapt the activities to people with special needs in an inclusive way so that they are truly an active part of the group that develops the activity.

We carry out caving in caves in the Almanzora Valley.

Discover a cave in Serón, Bacares, Cantoria, Lijar, Arboleas or Albox. Enjoy an unforgettable caving experience with your friends and family at the hands of qualified guides as sports technicians.

Active turism. Sports and adventures.
Tourism registration number – 202199900445767