On March 28, 1885 the Murcia-Granada Railway Line was inaugurated under the reign of Alfonso XII. In its construction, 80 million of the old pesetas were invested and exploited until the Spanish Civil War by the English company “Great Southern Of Spain Railway Company Limited”. After the war it would be RENFE (Spanish National Railways Network) which would be in charge of its management and maintenance, until January 1, 1985, when the final closure of the Almendricos-Baza-Guadix section took place, as it was “deficit “According to those responsible for the closure. The last train that circulated was the Barcelona-Granada Express on December 31, 1984.

The presence of the railroad in the Comarca del Almanzora was one of the main axes of its daily life, stimulus, economic takeoff and for the development and prosperity of its people.

After 23 years of total abandonment and thanks to the initiative of the restaurateur Ramón Sáez and Horst Markus, together with the City Council of Purchena and several official organizations, on December 11, 2008 the “Estación Purchena” returns to smoke, this time, from the cooks of the Chef Ramón Sáez.

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