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We offer you the best vehicle cleaning service in the whole area. We have 2 brush tunnels, 2 pressure wash boxes and 3 self-service vacuum cleaners.

Here you can also wash carpets, relax chairs and triplets.



  • External washing machine and manual.
  • Complete exterior and interior cleaning.
  • Upholstery cleaning.
  • Tire cleaning.
  • Cleaning and hydration in leather seats.
  • Oil engines.
  • We take care of arranging the armchairs that the upholstery is broken.


We wash your vehicle by machine, taking care of removing mud, mosquitoes and finally drying it manually, you do not have to worry about anything.

This washing is essential to have your vehicle in good hygiene conditions.
Consists: vacuum cleaner, interior brightness, trims, mats, glass, trunk, etc …
Special treatment for vehicles with leather seats and tire cleaning whenever the client wishes.
While you read the newspaper or have a coffee in our waiting room we take care of everything.


This cleaning is general dismantling the entire interior of the vehicle and cleaning piece by piece.

Eg: roof, seats, doors, floor, handles, umbrellas, heads, ashtray, trunk, etc ..

banner centro lavado masemar limpieza tapiceria integral

t can be done in all types of vehicles: cars, SUVs, vans, etc., for this you will have to leave your vehicle in storage 1 day and a half or 2 days


Our Address:

Carretera Baja s/n junto Mercadona Olula del Rio - Almería

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