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Hams from Serón Cortijo de Canata, S.L. in the province of Almeria. Elaboration of Serrano Ham, Iberian Ham, Duroc Ham, Paletillas, Boneless, Sliced, Lomo al Romero, …


Hams of Serón Cortijo de Canata

In Jamones de Serón Cortijo de Canata, the modernity of its facilities is combined with the long experience of its human team in the production of high quality hams.

The size of our company, neither too large nor too small, allows us to adapt at all times to the particular needs of each client and be agile in our responses to their requirements.

The preparation of the best ham also requires the best environment.

Located at 1,000 meters above sea level, the exceptional microclimate of Serón and the diversity of its native flora, together with our know-how, give the Cortijo de Canata products a unique finish and bouquet.

The preparation of our hams and shoulders begins with the reception and classification of the raw material in the facilities of Cortijo de Canata. At the moment of reception all the pieces are uniquely identified by an individual label.



In the salting phase each ham and each palette receives the exact amount of salt according to its characteristics.

With the post-salting under controlled conditions we get the salt that our hams and shoulders receive homogeneously distributed inside each piece.


Most of the whole process of making the hams and shoulders Cortijo de Canata, takes place in our natural dryers and cellars.

There the healing and the aging of the pieces, is done slowly and naturally, without the need of refrigeration facilities.


  • Serrano ham
  • Iberian Ham
  • Duroc Ham
  • Slippers
  • Boneless
  • Sliced
  • Lomo al Romero

Visit our online store: http://www.sabordeseron.com/



All the Iberian and Serrano products made in Cortijo de Canata are of Certified Quality ®.

The total production of Jamón Serrano de Jamones de Serón Cortijo de Canata, S.L. is elaborated, and certified by ICC (Community Certification Institute), according to the rules that regulate the E.T.G. of the Serrano Ham

Likewise, all the Iberian hams from Jamones de Serón Cortijo de Canata, S.L. have been certified by ICC, having been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the R.D. 10/83/2001 to October 5, which approves the quality standard for Iberian ham made in Spain.



Our Address:

Barriada de Canata s/n Serón - Almería

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